2021-09-20 Press release – First step into the new era of milk cooling in Germany

Germany is about to enter a new era of milk cooling. With the innovative milk cooling tank from the Swedish company Wedholms, German dairy farms will save money and energy in the future. The unique and patented milk cooling tank “CO2 by Wedholms” enables energy savings of 50% only for cooling. There are also other significant savings when it comes to heating water for tank cleaning and/or other purposes.

With the new system from Wedholms, cooling is efficient and gentle, and at the same time plenty of hot water is generated by the built-in heat recovery. The heated water has an impressive temperature of over 70 ° C and in terms of quantity covers about twice the amount of water that is required for cleaning the cooling tank. Instead of using conventional, more or less harmful HFC gases, the milk in these tanks is cooled using recycled CO2 from industry.

All in all, a convincing solution that improves the dairy farmer’s economic position and at the same time enables sustainable and environmentally friendly milk cooling.

Wedholms has been successfully selling its new tanks to robotic dairy farms in Norway, Finland and Sweden since September 2020. Now Germany is also taking the first step into the new era of milk cooling. The pioneer here is the Eder company in Bavaria, which has sold two of these impressive milk cooling tanks to robotic dairy farms in Southern Germany.

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