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Energy-saving solutions

Natural resources are limited and energy is expensive and thus one of our main focus areas is energy-efficiency. For you as a customer this means that with a milk cooling tank from Wedholms, you can be sure to make a good choice regarding energy consumption and profitability.  Below, you can find out more about our energy-smart options, which will help you to keep costs down and support the environment. Did you know for example, that the heat energy from the milk can be used to heat up the cows’ drinking water or pre-heat cleaning water for the barn?

  • Interpac heat recovery
    Compatible with : Horizontal tank; Horizontal tank; Vertical tank (Silo) Vertical tank (Silo) Tank through wall Tank through wall

    Interpac heat recovery

    The Interpac uses the energy generated during the cooling process to heat water to about 40-45° Celsius. This energy would otherwise have been ventilated from the condensers, meaning that it would either have warmed up the milk room or been wasted outside. The warm water can be used for example as drinking water for the cows, if it is mixed with cold water. It can also be stored in a water tank and used for e.g. cleaning or heating purposes on the farm. This will save both energy and money.

    Advantages with Interpac:
    • Short payback time of investment costs
    • Uses excess heat energy from the cooling process to heat water
    • Supplies you with warm water “for free”
    • Your cows can get warmer drinking water, drink more and produce more milk
    • Environmental-friendly
    • Decreases your costs and increases your profitability
    • Can be retrofitted to an existing installation
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    The size (amount of plates) of the Interpac is depending on the cooling capacity and if a receiver is installed. The more plates, the more warm water can be produced, but the number of plates has no impact on the temperature of the water.

    When ordering condensing units with several cooling compressors it is possible to order as many Interpacs as there are compressors. If fewer Interpacs are ordered than compressors, the Interpacs are installed on the compressors that start first. If two compressors are connected to the same condenser, either both or none should be equipped with an Interpac.

    To maintain a good function of the cooling system, not all potential energy should be removed from the Interpac, unless the system is equipped with a receiver. The Interpac can be factory-mounted or retrofitted on farm by a certified cooling technician.

  • Helix Pre-cooler
    Compatible with : Horizontal tank; Horizontal tank; Vertical tank (Silo) Vertical tank (Silo) Tank through wall Tank through wall