2021-08-24 New silo alternative in Lely order form

Since July 1st, the thinner version of the Lely Nautilus silo is available in the official Lely order form for all Lely Centers. The smaller diameter of 2.3 meters has several advantages, such as saving space while gaining height and keeping transportation costs low. At the same time, it provides the same high quality and efficient milk cooling as the 3.0 meter alternative. No wonder the newcomer is popular with our customers.

The beautiful Nautilus silo on the picture was just installed on the Storboda dairy farm outside Sundsvall in northern Sweden in cooperation with Lely Center Flarken. The new silo with volume 20,000 liters and diameter 2.3 meters now cools the milk from existing Lely Astronaut milking robots at Storboda. Pre-mounted Nautilus 2 control unit and connection profiles for the alcove enabled a quick installation on farm which was very appreciated by the customer.

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