Amanda Andersson & Oskar Henriksson

AMANDA ANDERSSON & OSKAR HENRIKSSON Dairy farmers The silo tank saves space and makes it possible to double the tank size without any severe changes to the building. A very smart and convenient solution that fits our needs perfectly. Short delivery time and quick installation was a bonus.


JARKKO MÄKELÄ Service technician The start-up of the first CO-2 tank was a plug and play experience, even though it was the first time we were in contact with the CO2-tank and the training was performed simultaneously and on distance.

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ECKHARD BRITZE Cooling technician I especially like the easy way of mounting and possibility of remote maintenance. That makes the Wedholms milk cooling tank to the perfect choice for me and my customers!

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CECILIA HJALMARSSON Dairy farmer For us, Wedholms was a natural choice. There is a lot of money in the tank and we do not want to risk spoiling it with a bad quality tank!

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THOMAS SEIDE Dealer With a milk cooling tank from Wedholms, I can be sure to offer my customer a solution that fits for all his indivdual needs!  


PER-OLOF ARNRYD Milk truck driver For me, Argos is the best control unit on the market today. There is one special button for me and I press it three times. It is easy to use and nothing can go wrong!

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HÅKAN HJALMARSSON Dairy farmer With a milk cooling tank from Wedholms in my milk room, I can focus on everything else but the tank. It takes care of my milk day after day without any disturbance.