New silo at Guarp dairy farm

This brand new 10,000 liters milk cooling silo with alcove from Wedholms was installed on the Guarp dairy farm in southwest Sweden. We see a steady increase in demand for silo tanks and thanks to the new silo model with smaller diameter, even small silo tanks gain quite some height. The new design with pre-mounted … Continued

Sweden’s first CO2 tank in place

On Monday May 31st, Sweden’s first milk cooling tank with CO2 was installed at Stefan Sundvall’s dairy farm outside Bollnäs. The tank is 5,000 liters and cools and stores the milk from one Lely Astronaut milking robot. One of the advantages of the CO2 tank is the quick and easy installation and this was confirmed … Continued

Let’s celebrate the World Milk Day

Since 2001, June 1st has been dedicated to celebrate the World Milk Day, to recognize the importance of milk as a crucial and healthy global food and celebrate the dairy sector and our farmers and dairy cows worldwide for their fantastic work. Take a minute and think of all the delicious food you can enjoy … Continued