Wedholms celebrating Botswana’s National Day

Wedholm’s export manager Mr. Lars-Erik Rundqvist was invited to celebrate Botswana’s National Day together with Her Excellency Ms. Chandapiwa Nteta, Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana. There was a grand reception in Stockholm, with representatives from business and politics from many countries. Wedholms has business partners in several African countries and the African market is … Continued

Make use of your milk’s heat energy with Interpac

When milk is cooled in a cooling tank, the heat energy from the milk is transferred to the refrigerant fluid in the cooling system of the tank, resulting in hot refrigerant gas.  To close the cooling circle, the gas than needs to be cooled down again. This is achieved by the condensers of the cooling … Continued

Wedholms milk cooling tanks in Kenya

Many dairy farmers in Kenya have only one or two cows and no chance to cool the milk directly on the farm. During the last years, several milk collection centers have popped up all over Kenya. The milk collection centers collect and cool the milk from local farmers. Thus, milk quality is preserved, the farmers … Continued