Increasing farm sizes in Finland

Wedholms has sold typically 5,000 and 10,000 L milk cooling tanks in Finland to farms with one or two milking robots. However, the situation has changed recently, meaning that nowadays 6,000 L tanks are more of a standard with one-robot farms, and 12,000 L tank with two-robot farms. We also see an increasing demand for … Continued

Wedholms and Kylmäkärki at Ollikkala exhibition in Kannus, Finland

Ollikkala exhibition is a new outdoor exhibition in Kannus, in the middle of the dairy area in Western part of Finland. The new exhibition gathered about 250 companies, representing all kinds of agricultural branches. Kylmäkärki and Wedholms were present at the event, promoting cooling service, milk cooling tanks and various heat recovery systems to about … Continued

Factory visit in Wrocław with Lely Center Sobeslav

Wedholms has a close cooperation with Lely Centers around the world, regarding sales and service of the Lely Nautilus milk cooling solutions. The Nautilus has been developed to offer the best integration with the Lely Astronaut milking robot. One of our partners, the Lely Center Sobeslav (Czech Republic), was invited to visit Eurotanks Wedholms’ factory … Continued