Tailored solutions

Our R&D-department has developed, designed and engineered our products and systems to work in perfect symbiosis with any kind of milking system. Our deep involvement in the entire process, from planning and configuration to long-term service and support, allows us to create tailor-made solutions regardless the size of the dairy farm. With our wide range of options, your tank can easily be adapted to the specific needs and circumstances on your farm, regardless if you have 10 or 1,000 dairy cows or more.

Our variety of market-specific options, e.g. different sizes of outlets, cooling units for different ambient temperatures and options for dairy-specific demands, makes it possible for us to offer you a tailored cooling solution, regardless where in the world your farm is located and to which dairy company you are delivering your milk. Thanks to our ability to deliver milk cooling solutions that perfectly fit our customers’ needs, we can constantly offer uncompromising performance and security. In addition, we also have a vast network of partners for fast access to assistance and spare parts. This means that you as a customer can count on problem-free installation and operation, as well as always having service and support close at hand.

Examples of options for customization;

  • Mounting of tank through wall with housing on top and rear end.
  • Calibrated tank with dipstick.
  • Outlet connections for DIN, SMS, DS or RJT in 2″, 2.5″ or 3″.
  • Milk inlet connection for all types of automatic milking systems.Attached cooling system (if the size of the cooling system allows it).
  • Tang Guard (requirement from an increasing number of dairies), integrated in the Argos control unit
  • Capacity regulator for small milk quantities.10 kW heater.
  • Second drain valve for separation of the cleaning water.
  • Extra-long detergent hose, 10 m.

We offer a wide range of smart options to customize your cooling system to your specific needs. Learn more here.  Our milk cooling tanks can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as small-scale dairy processing facilities, slaughter houses, honey producers, etc.

Please contact your local dealer or Wedholms directly if you have any questions about our product range.

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