The Wedholms Group

With decades of experience and product development, Wedholms is a leading provider of customer-focused premium solutions for the milk cooling business all over the world. Our products are designed to accommodate a very wide variety of modern milking systems, ensuring a reliable and economically sound investment.

For you as a dairy farmer milk is money, and of course it should be stored in the best way to make sure that it does not lose value. Our goal is to provide our customers with smart milk cooling solutions that do not only take care of the milk in the best way, but also save energy and money. At Wedholms, we construct some of the world’s best milk cooling tanks, characterized by high quality and efficiency. This ensures that the milk remains fresh and is cooled according to the dairy’s requirements regarding temperature and cooling time. Thanks to our know-how, the growth of bacteria is minimized and the milk retains all its important vitamins and minerals.

Our open and horizontal tanks are designed and built by our own staff in our own factories, giving us full control over the manufacturing process. In addition, our tanks are based on a modular system that assures you fast and inexpensive installation on farm. As a Wedholms customer, you are truly taken care of from planning and configuration to long-term service and support. Our vast network of partners assures that assistance and spareparts are always close at hand. All Wedholms milk cooling tanks and components comply with relevant EU standards.

In 2006, Wedholms started a cooperation with Lely Industries, as the exclusive supplier of the Nautilus milk cooling solution. More than ten years later, our cooperation with the world’s largest manufacturer of automatic milking systems is strong and through the local Lely Centers, the Nautilus cooling solution is sold around the world. We also have an extensive worldwide network of free dealers, and together with our partners, we currently supply our products to other EU countries as well as many export markets.

Today, the Wedholms Group (collected under the legal entity Wedcooling AB) comprises Wedholms AB (Sweden), Skånes Kylteknik (Sweden), Eurotanks (Poland), Wedholms GmbH (Germany) and Kylmäkärki Oy (Finland), so we cover an extensive market around the Baltic Sea. In Sweden and Finland, we also have our own service organization through Skånes Kylteknik and Kylmäkärki.

+ - Since 1879

A story of dedication and customer focus

Our proud history dates back to 1879, when Carl August Wedholm started up Wedholms Mejerikärlsfabrik in Nyköping, Sweden. This dedicated entrepreneur decided to focus on one purpose only, and to do it really well – to supply high-quality storage vessels for storing milk in a healthy way. The first products were milk cans, which Carl August Wedholm constantly developed. He even applied for, and was granted, a US patent of a tin milk tank in 1894. By 1948 Wedholms was continuously developing and moved to new, modern production facilities in Nyköping.

Throughout the years, we have always evolved in line with product development and in close cooperation with our customers. During the period from 1942 to 1988, Wedholms was owned by the Swedish Dairy Association, which was in turn owned by the Association of Swedish Farmers. A major step in the history of Wedholms was taken in 1957, when the era of milk cooling tank development and production was initiated. Still with the same, clear focus: to provide healthy, sustainable milk cooling solutions. The size of our first milk cooling tanks with direct evaporation was 200, 400 and 600 litres and they were sold to dairy farms in the Södertörn region south of Stockholm. Today, more than half a century later, Wedholms still is the market leading provider of milk cooling solutions in Scandinavia. We also are a leading operator in the milk cooling business worldwide, delivering tanks to more than 40 countries all over the world.

+ - R&D

A long history has given us a lot of experience and knowledge, which we use to develop our products according to our customers’ needs. Our diverse team of experienced engineers are all experts in the area of milk cooling and they work together with dairy farmers and technicians all over the world to develop cutting edge technology. We know that every dairy farm is unique and thus we develop our products to fit for every need!

+ - Production

Our skilled people, all professionals in their specific area, secure the quality of our milk cooling solutions. In our modern factory in Wrocław, Poland, we have invested in the newest technique for laser welding. The production thus is not only high quality and efficient, it is also sustainable and environmental friendly. The high quality is especially apparent when it comes to our laser welded evaporators. We are proud to be the only providers of milk cooling solutions on the market who produce their own laser-welded evaporators. The geographical location of our factory ensures efficient transportation all over Europe and close access to major harbors for shipment overseas.