Advanced technology

At Wedholms, we have always put great pride into staying at the cutting edge of milk cooling technology. Today’s dairy business has high demands on modern technology as well as advanced and user-friendly solutions. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, our research and development department works in close relationship with customers all over the world with the aim to meet all their requirements, regarding maintained milk quality, reduced energy consumption and improved profitability. One example of the significance of modern cooling technology is Argos, our system for controlling, supervising and registering all operations in the cooling and cleaning process. With Argos, farmers and technicians can get access to milk tank data via USB cable, via a local network on the farm, or through the internet. In addition, the web-based software Milk Tank Manager can provide real-time updates and operation history for better work flow, lower service costs, and better use of every milk collecting route.

Here you can learn more about our intelligent control system Argos.

Here you can learn more about Milk Tank Manager.