Silo installation on Arla’s northernmost dairy farm in Sweden

Installation of a 40,000 liter milk cooling silo on Arla Foods’ northernmost dairy farm in Sweden “Näsgården” in beautiful surroundings in the Örnsköldsvik region. The silo will cool the milk from 280 dairy cows milked in five DeLaval milking robots. We asked the farmers why they chose a cooling silo from Wedholms AB. The answer … Continued

Press release – First step into the new era of milk cooling in Germany

Germany is about to enter a new era of milk cooling. With the innovative milk cooling tank from the Swedish company Wedholms, German dairy farms will save money and energy in the future. The unique and patented milk cooling tank “CO2 by Wedholms” enables energy savings of 50% only for cooling. There are also other … Continued

Going high into the sky

We just installed our biggest milk cooling silo in history. This impressing silo has a volume of 50,000 liters and is over 9 meters tall. It was installed together with our alcove solution on a conventional dairy farm outside Laholm in southwest Sweden. In picture (from left): Håkan Johansson, cooling technician at Skånes Kylteknik; Philip … Continued