2021-06-03 Sweden’s first CO2 tank in place

On Monday May 31st, Sweden’s first milk cooling tank with CO2 was installed at Stefan Sundvall’s dairy farm outside Bollnäs. The tank is 5,000 liters and cools and stores the milk from one Lely Astronaut milking robot. One of the advantages of the CO2 tank is the quick and easy installation and this was confirmed by the farmer and the technicians on site. With the new tank from Wedholms, the dairy farm can cool milk in a more sustainable way while also benefiting the operating economy. There are already tanks installed in Norway and Finland and tests have shown, among other things, large energy reductions for cooling and a very efficient heat recovery.

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In the picture: Farmer Stefan Sundvall (right) and Lars-Erik Rundqvist from Wedholms