Silo tank with alcove / Silotank med alkov

2022-01-10 New silo tank with alcove on Öland

This new 25 000 liters milk cooling silo tank with alcove was installed at Gräsgård on the island of Öland in south-eastern Sweden. The installation was performed in cooperation with Ölands Kylteknik and Lely Center Västervik.

The interest for silo tanks is increasing steadily and the reasons for choosing a silo tank are usually large volume in a small area and overall lower costs for the investment. We offer silo tanks with volumes of 5 000 to 50 000 liters in two diameters and smart options such as alcove and pick-up room.

In picture: Staffan at Lely, Patric at Ölands Kylteknik, dairy farmers Emma and Nicklas and plumber Bosse in front of the new silo tank with alcove.

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