Shows part of the CO2 cooling unit

2021-11-25 CO2 by Wedholms goes Germany

A 5,000 liter “CO2 by Wedholms” milk cooling tank ready for delivery to a climate conscious dairy farmer in southern Germany. With this tank, the farmer can save considerable amounts of energy and produce hot water for free, resulting in a more profitable and sustainable milk production on the farm. There are also other advantages, like plug & play installation, gentle treatment of the milk and no risk for freezing in the tank.

This tank is the first of two CO2-tanks that we have sold in Germany through our reseller EDER Landtechnik in Bavaria. With this, Wedholms is taking an important step on the German market and we are looking forward to further expand our presence in Germany and other European countries.

There are already several CO2 milk cooling tanks installed in Sweden, Norway and Finland and we are frequently receiving new orders. The customers have been very pleased with the opportunity the CO2-tank gives them to save energy and money, compared to a traditional cooling tank. This is exactly in time given rising electricity prices and growing climate awareness. As one farmer said: “Why choose something other than CO2 by Wedholms?”

CO2 by Wedholms – A new era in milk cooling has started.

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