2022-05-05 Independent milk pick-up at Ola dairy farm

Another Wedholms milk cooling silo for conventional milking has now been delivered. The impressive 30,000 liter silo in stainless steel is currently being installed at Ola dairy farm in Sweden. The farm milks conventionally in a milking system from DeLaval.

Together with the silo, a 9,000 liter horizontal buffer tank from Wedholms will also be installed on the farm to enable independent milk pick-up. The installation is carried out by Ölands Kylteknik in collaboration with Skånes Kylteknik.

The new cooling system will be one of several, supplied by Wedholms, with a common cooling unit for both the main tank and the buffer tank. This makes it possible to meet Arla’s need for independent milk pick-up in a smart and cost-effective way.

Many thanks to Fredrik Murray at Ola dairy farm for the trust and good luck with the new cooling system! Many thanks also to Ölands Kylteknik and Skånes Kylteknik for a good collaboration!

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