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Milk cooling tanks

Wedholms milk cooling tanks are especially developed and built for the unique requirements on a dairy farm. We offer flexible milk cooling tanks for every need, from small manual open tanks with a volume from 330 litres, via fully-automated horizontal tanks of different sizes, to large vertical silo tanks with volumes up to 50 000 litres. Together with our control units and cooling units, the Wedholms milk cooling tanks offer you a smart and flexible modular solution – adapted to your individual needs.

For us it is a matter of course that our milk cooling tanks work with all existing milking systems on the market – in other words, our tanks are suitable for everyone. Because we have all the connections needed for every kind of robot milking system, you can invest in the AMS system of your choice and still feel free to choose a milk cooling tank from Wedholms.

Since 2006, we have been the exclusive manufacturer of Lely Nautilus milk cooling tanks. Together with Lely we can offer you the best tank in combination with your Lely Astronaut milking robot, regardless of whether you want to invest in a horizontal tank or silo. Read more about Nautilus milk cooling tanks here.

  • Horizontal tank
    Compatible with : Horizontal tank; Horizontal tank;

    Horizontal milk cooling tanks 1,600 to 30,000 litres

    News 2021 – CO2 by Wedholms for robotic dairy farms.
    Cool your milk with recycled CO2 to save energy and money. Read more about DFC953/95 here >>

    We offer powerful milk cooling solutions with focus on quality and cost efficiency. Our product range includes two types of horizontal tanks, the DF953/DF95 and DF953L/DF95L. Both have a robust and versatile construction and a hygienic design, made completely out of high-quality stainless steel. They are available in various sizes, designed to fit any type of milking system. The tanks are placed on a sturdy frame with adjustable legs for easy transportation. Both the legs and the agitator motor can be dismantled to facilitate installation. All our tanks are built with laser-welded evaporators and the unique evaporator pattern secures a slow movement of the refrigerant and thus an efficient cooling. The inner tank is lying only on the thick insulation foam, which secures optimum insulation characteristics with minimum temperature fluctuations. This makes our milk cooling tanks energy-efficient and cost-saving.

    Did you know that our horizontal tanks can be partly placed outside? Here you can read more about our “Tank-through-wall” solution.

    Advantages with our horizontal milk cooling tanks;

    • High-quality stainless steel
    • Robust construction and hygienic design
    • Efficient cooling and optimized insulation save energy and money
    • Take care of your milk in the best way thanks to optimized cooling and agitation
    • Unique cleaning spray head secures milk quality
    • Wide product range gives you flexibility
    • Can be installed partly outside
    Product sheet Horizontal tanks (pdf) >>
    Product sheet CO2 by Wedholms (pdf) >>

    Designed to hold between 1,600 and 12,000 litres of milk, the DF953 and DF95 are both equipped with an Argos control system, a fully automated cleaning system and a 2” DIN outlet as a standard to fit your needs. The DF953 has an integrated cooling unit, whereas for the DF95 the cooling unit is mounted separately at a convenient location. In both cases, the solution is designed to provide the best operational economy possible. The tanks of 2,000 to 8,000 litres are available in two different diameters for each size, thus offering increased flexibility.

    Dimensions DF95/953 (pdf) >>
    DFC953/DFC95 - CO2 by Wedholms

    Our completely unique tank model DFC953/95 with the patent-protected and award-winning cooling concept CO2 by Wedholms will be launched to robot farms in 2021 in volumes of 5,000 to 12,000 liters. DFC953 has a built-in CO2 cooling unit that is mounted on the tank, while DFC95 has a separate CO2 unit that can be placed in a suitable place in or outside the milk room. DFC953/95 is equipped with an Argos control unit for safe and easy control and with an efficient heat exchanger integrated in the cooling system as standard. The heat recovery uses the heat of the milk to generate large amounts of hot water above 70 degrees Celsius. This, together with CO2’s outstanding properties as refrigerant and the system’s frequency-controlled compressor, causes impressing energy savings. CO2 by Wedholms is a climate-smart and economical solution that saves energy and money. Read more here.

    This product range covers the largest tanks in our scope of horizontal tanks, from 9,000 up to 30,000 litres. In addition to the features of the DF953/DF95, the DF953L/DF95L offers a construction optimized for large-scale milking. It has a straight bottom and a large cooling surface. The DF95L has a separated cooling unit, while the DF953L has an attached cooling unit. Note that the possibility to mount an attached cooling unit depends on the size and capacity of the cooling unit as well as on the type of milking system. In general, it is not possible to get an attached cooling unit on the largest tank sizes.

    Dimensions DF95L/953L (pdf) >>
    Argos control unit for easy monitoring
    The programmable control system Argos provides excellent conditions for efficient agitation and temperature control. Functions for agitation, cooling and cleaning are easily overviewed and controlled via the user-friendly display. Argos also includes advanced built-in alarm functions, alerting for any malfunction in the system. As an additional option, Argos can be programmed for communicating with automatic milking systems as well as providing remote access and SMS alerts.

    Here you can read more about Argos control system.

    An optimized cooling system lowers your operational costs
    Our cooling systems are of modular design, which means that we offer solutions tailored to customer needs regarding milk quantity, ambient temperature, required cooling time and collection frequency. Thanks to the evaporator, the refrigerant, which is the most environmentally friendly on the market, is lead through a long circulation route to promote even more cost- and energy-efficient cooling. As an option, the heat from the milk can be recovered and used for warming up water for your farm’s daily needs for cleaning or heating; a sustainable and cost-saving solution.

    Here you can read more about our cooling units.

    Here you can read more about our heat recovery system Interpac.

    360° rotating spray head
    The unique, rotating, two-headed spray head guarantees that the entire inside of the tank is thoroughly cleaned. Thanks to the spray head turning with minimum friction, the energy is focused on making a very strong water jet, eliminating calcium deposits and bacterial growth. To further ensure perfect hygiene and milk quality, tanks of 14,000 litres and more are equipped with double spray heads and cleaning pumps as a standard.

    Here you can read more about our cleaning system and cleaning options.

    Easy-to-handle manhole
    The one-hand, side-swivel opening of the manhole ensures great maneuverability.

    Quality and service to count on
    As a Wedholms customer, you are truly being taken care of; from planning and configuration to long-term service and support. Our vast network of partners assures that assistance and spare parts are always close at hand. All Wedholms milk cooling tanks and components comply with relevant EU standards.

    Find your local dealer on our dealer map.

  • Vertical tank (Silo)
    Compatible with : Vertical tank (Silo) Vertical tank (Silo)

    Vertical milk cooling tanks (Silo) 5,000 to 50,000 litres

    The demand for large-volume milk tanks is continuously increasing, which makes storage space a critical issue. Wedholms’ vertical silo tanks provide an excellent cooling solution when space is limited. The robust silo tanks in stainless steel can hold 5,000 to 50,000 litres of milk and are offered in two diameters for increased flexibility. The vertical design allows flexible placement, ensuring easy access for milk collection as well as service and maintenance. The silo tank is delivered in a complete package, with a separated cooling unit adapted for either conventional or robotic milking systems, as well as an Argos control unit pre-mounted to the silo.

    Read more about the Argos control system.

    Our silo tanks take care of your milk from the very first liter entering the tank, and together with a range of other features, this makes the Wedholms silo tank an ideal choice in combination with your automatic milking system. However, if pre-cooling is used, a silo tank can also be a very good alternative on conventional dairy farms. The silo tanks are designed to save both energy and the environment. Lower energy costs of course also mean a greater profitability for you as a dairy farmer. Thick, high-quality insulation in the bottom, top and side walls of the silo secures optimum thermal protection and improved compressor lifetime. The refrigerant, R134a, is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerants available on the market today.

    Did you know that you can use the heat from the milk to warm up the drinking water for the cows or water for cleaning and heating purposes on the farm?

    Read more about our heat recovery system Interpac.

    Advantages with the Wedholms Silo tank:

    • Space-saving solution outside – no need for a large and expensive milk room
    • High-quality stainless steel
    • Fits all milking systems
    • Two diameters and a wide range of volumes available
    • Thick, high-quality insulation secures optimum thermal protection
    • Saves energy which benefits the environment and increases your profitability
    • Argos control system pre-mounted; user-friendly, advanced technology
    • Quick installation
    • Many smart options available


    Product sheet Silo (pdf) >>
    Dimensions Silo (pdf) >>
    Product sheet Silo alcove and pick-up room (pdf) >>



    Cooling units of our own design

    All cooling units are developed and produced by Wedholms in our own facilities. This ensures great opportunities for customization concerning capacity, surrounding temperature, cooling time, milk collection frequency, etc.

    Read more about our cooling units and available options.

    Argos control system

    To further optimize the milk cooling process, the Argos control system offers an excellent overview and easy access to several critical data, such as milk temperature. Advanced technology allows customized adjustments of functionality, cleaning process, agitation etc., according to local conditions.

    Read more about the Argos control system.

    Further benefits

    There are several features for quick and efficient cooling. For example, each condensing unit is tailor-made for a specific tank size and the silo tanks are equipped with three evaporators, two in the bottom and one on the side wall, with the option to add more evaporator space to the wall. Efficient cooling goes hand in hand with hygiene and quality. This is why the temperature sensor in the bottom of the tank never comes in contact with the milk. Together with our milk outlet with separate cooling, this secures excellent hygiene and optimum milk quality.

    The Wedholms silo tanks are of a high standard also in the basic version, but there are a number of options and accessories that add to a fully customized solution: ladder with safety cage, self-cleaning outlet for milk sample collection at the manhole, milk level sensor, and energy-saving pre-cooling units, to name a few. The manhole can be placed in various positions around the silo tank.

    Read more about available options.

    Quality and service to count on
    As a Wedholms customer, you are truly being taken care of; from planning and configuration to long-term service and support. Our vast network of partners assures that assistance and spare parts are always close at hand. All Wedholms milk cooling tanks and components comply with relevant EU standards.

    Find your local dealer on our dealer map.


  • Tank through wall
    Compatible with : Tank through wall Tank through wall

    Tank “through wall”

    If you are planning for a bigger tank but space in your milk room is limited, we can offer you a tank “through wall” solution. You can choose your new milk cooling tank from our wide range of horizontal tanks (max volume 30,000 liters) and we then equip it with the necessary details for the through-wall installation. This can be a very good alternative to a silo tank and it is often a bit cheaper than a silo solution.

    Here you can read more about our horizontal milk cooling tanks.

    We offer a complete kit to adapt your tank to the life outside and protect all sensitive parts of the tank. The kit can also be retrofitted to an existing Wedholms milk cooling tank. All accessories are made from high quality stainless steel which makes them resistant to water, sun and wind. All you need to do is open a hole in the wall of the milking room and prepare a concrete foundation for the tank to stand on. Note that inner and outer wall plates for the milk room are not included in our offer. These can be ordered directly from a local supplier, which will be cheaper for you.

    Advantages with tank “through wall”;

    • Good alternative to silo
    • Space saving solution
    • Complete kit for outdoor installation
    • Can be retrofitted



  • Open tank
    Compatible with : Open tank Open tank

    Open milk cooling tanks

    Our basic model of open milk cooling tanks with manual cleaning, DFOH (horisontal – rectangular shape), are available in several sizes and are very easy to operate. They take up very little floor space and rest on longitudinal supports with legs, making them easy to transport. They are entirely made of stainless steel and recyclable material. The lid can be opened in one piece and has no rubber gaskets that can wear or harbor bacteria.

    The agitator wings are designed to treat the milk as gently as possible, and the tank’s large opening and uncluttered surfaces make it easy to clean. The WinCool programmable control system regulates and monitors your tank and minimizes your operational costs. The display is clearly set out with START and STOP functions as well as a temperature indicator, and the built-in alarm immediately signals any functional disturbances. The cooling unit can be adapted to the needs of your DFOH models, and the evaporators maximize the path of the refrigerant so that the milk is efficiently cooled.

    The DFOH can also be used for storage of calf milk, to ensure easy handling and hygienic, healthy milk to your future dairy cows.

    Advantages with our open tanks;

    • Efficient cooling and automated agitation
    • Hygienic and easy to clean
    • Gentle treatment of the milk
    • Easy-to-use control unit WinCool with basic alarm functions