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Our efficient cleaning system is one of many advantages with our milk cooling tanks. Water usage, energy efficiency and cleaning time are all important factors when discussing cleaning performance. But of course, most important of all is the actual cleaning result. Our cleaning cycle has up to eight phases, which gives you flexibility and assures efficient cleaning.

Our unique cleaning spray head is specially designed to guarantee thorough cleaning of the entire inside of the tank. Thanks to the spray head turning with minimum friction, the energy is focused on making a powerful water stream, eliminating calcium deposits and bacterial growth. Thanks to our cleaning system, your milk stays as valuable as it was when it left the cow’s udder.

To secure your milk quality if the access to hot water is limited, we offer a heater for the cleaning water as an option. The heater warms up the water during cleaning to a programmed temperature. Read more about our heaters for horizontal tanks and silo tanks by clicking on the pictures below.

  • Detergent shelf
    Compatible with : Horizontal tank; Horizontal tank; Tank through wall Tank through wall

    Detergent shelf

    To facilitate cleaning of your milking room and thus a good hygiene, we offer a shelf for your detergent cans as an option. You can place your cans of detergent on the shelf so that they do not take up floor space. The detergent shelf has a smart design and robust construction in stainless steel. It fits perfectly for two standard 25 liter cans of detergent. The shelf is mounted to the horizontal tank at the factory but can also be retrofitted on farm.

    Visit our web shop to purchase a detergent shelf to your Wedholms or Nautilus cooling tank.

    Advantages with our detergent shelf:

    • Smart design
    • Robust construction in stainless steel
    • Facilitates cleaning of the milk room
    • Can be easily retrofitted




  • Heater
    Compatible with : Horizontal tank; Horizontal tank; Vertical tank (Silo) Vertical tank (Silo) Tank through wall Tank through wall


    If the temperature of the cleaning water is low, there is an obvious risk for bacterial growth in the tank. A heater can be chosen as an option if there is not enough hot water available on the farm. It is installed directly on the tank, connected to the cleaning system and it will secure the water temperature and thus milk quality. Note that for silos and horizontal tanks with two cleaning pumps (14,000 liters and bigger), two heaters can be installed, which doubles the heating capacity.

    The heater keeps the water at the right temperature, during the main cleaning, and thus the total cleaning time can increase if the starting temperature of the water is low. Our recommendation is therefore always to install a separate boiler tank to grant hot water availability at all times and to keep down the cleaning time. The boiler tank should contain about 50 percent more water than is needed for one cleaning cycle, so that the water temperature is maintained throughout the whole cleaning.

    Advantages with our heater:

    • Powerful heater
    • Adapted for the environment in the milk room
    • Keeps the cleaning temperature on the right level
    • Secures milk quality


  • AK Müller valves
    Compatible with : Horizontal tank; Horizontal tank; Vertical tank (Silo) Vertical tank (Silo) Tank through wall Tank through wall

    AK Müller valves

    To prevent damage in the cleaning system of the milk cooling tank due to freezing, in regions with very cold climate, we offer AK Müller valves as an option for the standard water valves of the cleaning system. The AK-Müller valves are especially developed to handle cold temperatures and the risk for freezing and damage in the valve is minimized. Thus, the AK-Müller valves secure a problem-free operation and hygienic cleaning of the milk cooling tank even on very cold days.

    Advantages with the AK Müller valves;

    • Specially developed for cold climate
    • Prevent freezing
    • Secure function of the cleaning system and thus milk quality


  • Long detergent hoses
    Compatible with : Horizontal tank; Horizontal tank; Vertical tank (Silo) Vertical tank (Silo) Tank through wall Tank through wall

    Long detergent hoses

    We offer long detergent hoses as an option when you order your tank. The hoses have a length of 10 meters and thus bring you increased flexibility, regarding where you want to place your detergent cans. The hoses are clearly marked with red or blue color, depending on the type of detergent they are meant for. The hoses are made of high quality plastics that withstand corrosive detergents. Note that our recommendation is to exchange the inner tubes, which are in contact with detergent, once a year. The long tubes are installed from factory but can also be retrofitted.

    Advantages with the long detergent hoses;

    • Length 10 meters gives increased flexibility
    • Optimized for usage with corrosive detergent
    • Clearly marked with red and blue
    • Can be retrofitted