2021-01-22 First milk cooling tank CO2 by Wedholms in Finland

The first CO2 by Wedholms milk cooling tank in Finland started 19th of January in Kärkölä on a commercial dairy farm with one Lely A5 milking robot. The local service team from Kylmäkärki Oy waited already eagerly to explore the new innovation.

Travel restrictions prevented our development manager Philip Ring from attending the installation, but he was never worried. “The CO2 tank is easy to install and I felt confident in being able to handle the necessary training via Teams.”

Jarkko Mäkelä from Kylmäkärki Oy, who was in charge of the installation confirms this: “We had several other challenges like below -20⁰C outside temperature and a very small opening into the milk room, but the start-up of the tank itself was really a plug and play experience. It went very smooth and easy, despite that it was the first time we were in contact with the CO2-tank and that the training was performed simultaneously and on distance.”

In many countries CO2 emissions are a very hot topic at the moment and in Finland it is definitely so. “Sometimes it seems to me that we should save the world today”, says Aaretti Sipilä, Wedholms sales director in Finland. “The new CO2 by Wedholms tank is one of the most important events in Wedholms history in Finland. It can be compared to the introduction of the first Wedholms direct expansion tank in Finland year 1963″ Aaretti continues.

According to Aaretti, CO2 by Wedholms has three main features that make you fall in love with it:
1. Energy saving – This is very important for the farmers who are struggling with profitability every day.
2. GWP value of CO2 is only 1 – If compared to other cooling gases, like old R404A with GWP 3922 or R134a with GWP of 1430. Where else could you save environment as much?
3. Silence – The difference is like night and day. You barely hear that the compressor is running at all.

A new era in milk cooling is about to start.

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